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Fort Lauderdale Head-On Collision Lawyer

Head-on collisions are often caused by a reckless or negligent driver. While head-on collisions are less frequent than other traffic accidents (distracted driving, for example), when they do occur, they are usually deadly. If you have experienced injuries due to a head-on collision, you have the right to seek damages from the driver responsible. A successful claim requires strong strategy and knowledge of the complexity of the personal injury system, and GMV Law Group has such experienced and skilled attorneys ready to help you to seek the compensation you deserve.

GMV Law Group head-on collision lawyers have more than 25 years of combined experiences working with car accident victims. While we show compassion and care to our victims, we are aggressive against our opponents, whether in settlement negotiations or in the courtroom. We seek no less than maximum compensation for your case, and we work passionately to achieve that goal.

If you or a loved one has experienced injuries from a head-on collision in Broward County, Palm Beach County, or Miami-Dade County, contact our firm today. We work on a contingency basis, which means we don’t collect payment unless you collect payment. Call us today to schedule your consultation at 954-530-6206, or if you prefer, send us an online message.

Causes of Fort Lauderdale Head-On Collisions

Though mechanical failure and inclement weather can be factors, the most common cause of head-on collisions is driver error. As such, head-on collisions occur most frequently on rural two-way highways where no median is present. A few examples of these causes of head-on collisions are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Driver passing at an inopportune moment
  • Failure to yield at left turn
  • Driver takes turn too fast and veers into oncoming lane
  • Failure to abide by traffic signals and stop signs
  • Driver swerving onto oncoming lane to avoid hazard in own lane
  • Driver enters a one-way road going the wrong direction

Each of these scenarios can lead to serious injury, and at worst, death, for all drivers and passengers involved.

Common Injuries in Weston Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions can be extremely deadly because of the intensity of the force at work. The force directly affects the impact, which directly affects the injury to the body. The dangers are only increased if people do not wear a seatbelt. Going from a high speed to an immediate stop when you hit another car head on can cause drivers to be thrown into their windshield or out of their cars. Even when the safety features of a car, such as airbags, are working correctly, a victim of a head-on collision could suffer the following injuries:

  • Whiplash
  • Head, neck, and back injuries
  • Muscle tears
  • Concussion
  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Sprains and strains
  • Hernia
  • Punctured lung
  • Internal bleeding
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
  • Paraplegia or Quadriplegia

Each one of these injuries has a serious effect on the physical health and the financial health of a victim. Even if you believe you have some degree of fault in the accident and therefore in your own injuries, you may be able to pursue restitution to help pay a part of the burden. Florida is a comparative negligence state, meaning that you can recover damages for a percentage of the accident for which you are not found at fault for.

You may be uncertain as to where the fault lies in your accident, and that is neither uncommon nor hopeless for your case. A skilled Fort Lauderdale motor vehicle accident attorney is able to investigate your case closely, examine the evidence, and present it in a factual manner as he or she seeks to earn you maximum compensation.

Recoverable Damages in Broward County Head-On Collisions

Several factors should affect your and your attorneys claim against the party at fault. The basic categories in which these factors fall are: 1) Medical care expenses, 2) Expenses to replace or repair your vehicle, and 3) Emotional and mental pain and suffering.

An experienced Broward County auto accident injury attorney at our firm is able to help you decide if your head-on collision case qualifies for any of the following damages:

  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of mode of transportation
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Medical expenses, current and future
  • Loss of mode of transportation
  • Caretaker expenses
  • Repair of replacement of vehicle involved in accident
  • Pain and suffering

Finding a Qualified Attorney after a Head-On Car Crash

Experiencing a head-on collision often brings trauma and stress to those inside the vehicle. The memory of the accident is powerful and can take months and even years for recovery from the fear felt at the time of the accident. But victims of head-on collisions do not only face the stress of the event itself; the burden of healing physically, the mental stress that comes with medical bills, and the damages to the car all add up and weigh heavily on individuals and their families.

You do not have to bear this burden alone. If you or a loved one has experienced the suffering that can come from a head-on collision caused by another driver’s negligence in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Tamarac, Weston, Pembroke Pines, Coral Springs, or the surrounding areas, the GMV personal injury legal team is ready to help. We offer compassionate counsel, but determined work to represent your interests. We will fight for just compensation for the damages and harm you have suffered, and, if necessary, we are ready to face big insurance companies in court on your behalf.

Call today for a free consultation with us. We work on a contingency basis, which means we don’t receive payment unless we win payment for you. Call (954) 530-6206 and begin seeking the experienced legal counsel you deserve.
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