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Broward County Slip and Fall Lawyer


Whether in restaurants, hotels, gas stations, nursing homes, hospitals, condominiums, falls from stairs in public places, or at times, in private residences, our GMV Law Group are specialists when it comes to slip and fall cases. We have seen success at trial in numerous slip and trip and fall cases in Broward County. However, we have also received successful verdicts in Miami-Dade County. A couple of these verdicts were for more than $1 million (before reduction for client fault or by the judge, and before the reduction for court costs and attorney’s fees). We worked on a contingency cases with these clients – we did not receive payment unless we recovered money for them. And we are prepared to do the same for you.

For Florida residents over the age of 65, fall accidents are the leading cause of death, according to the Florida Department of Health (FDOH). The FDOH also reports that falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries resulting in hospital visits in Florida. The most common injury we see for our elderly fall clients are hip fractures, and second-most common are wrist fractures. Both of these injuries are serous and may require surgery, possibly even multiple surgeries.

Of all the non-rural counties in Florida, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach have the most fall-related injury deaths and non-fatal hospitalizations in the entire state. Fortunately for our clients who have suffered from such experiences, this is the area GMV Law group is proud to serve. We have successfully helped numerous injured fall victims and their families receive compensation. Our experience allows us to guide you in the claim process and fight for the just recovery you deserve while you worry about healing from such a traumatic event.

If you want to file an injury claim, your fall must have been caused by the negligence of a property owner. Slipping on food or water at a restaurant is an example of negligence that causes injury. In cases such as these, you may consider looking for an attorney to represent you in filing a claim for your injuries.

If a person slips and falls on someone’s property, it is not a simple case of the owner automatically being responsible for the injuries from the fall. Florida law requires that victims must prove that a person whose irresponsible maintenance was negligence and caused your accident.

In the last several years, slip and fall laws have been altered, reverting back to the reactionary laws upheld 20 years ago. This means that now, victims of fall accidents must prove how the substance or obstacle that caused the fall got on the floor, how long it remained on the floor, and that the owner of the premises either created the condition or was aware of the condition long enough to remove it from the floor and still did not clean or remove the danger.

The Florida Department of Health reports that the most common falls are “same-level falls,” such as stumbles, trips, and slips. Also common are falls from ladders and steps. Falls such as these often result in serious injuries, hospitalization, and physical therapy for months or even years. If you are a slip and fall victim, GMV Law Group is ready to represent you. Our personal injury attorneys are willing to come to the hospital or to your home and offer you a free consultation where we can learn about the details of your case and determine if we can represent you.

GMV Law Group has significant experience with slip and fall cases. Our founding attorney has extensive expertise and specific skills with such cases. Knowledge of what can cause an accident is vital in this field. For example, restaurants like Outback Steak House using polyurethane coated wood floors, which increase in slipperiness the closer to the kitchen a person walks. And if you go later in the day, servers and guests have spilled drinks and food on the floor, heightening the chance of injury. Our attorneys are equipped to study each particular situation, using our resources to bring in tile experts, national flooring experts, and botany experts to help us prove liability of a property owner and receive maximum compensation for our clients.

Such resources and connections are an incredible asset. Our Broward County slip and fall lawyers at the GMV group have access to such resources, and we have the financial ability to hire experts and fund the front cost. In certain slip and fall cases we have handled, we have spent approximately $100,000 in research and experts, something clients are not able to do on their own. But we are willing and prepared to do whatever we must to increase the likelihood of winning your case and receiving recovery for you and your family. Call our office now at 954-530-6206 for a free consultation!
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