Accident Compensation and the Florida No-fault Law

In the United States, there are 12 states that require every licensed driver to carry no-fault insurance coverage, and Florida is one of them. The Florida no-fault law began in 1972, but it has been reformed throughout the years. Currently, the law states that all drivers must carry no-fault insurance with a personal injury protection (PIP) plan which provides $10,000 per individual covered. This does not mean that, in the event of an accident, this no-fault insurance covers all expenses. If a driver causes an accident which leads to the severe injury or death of a victim, then that driver can still be liable for compensation for that victim.

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Understanding No-Fault Law

In Florida, drivers should carry their PIP (personal injury protection), PDL (property damage liability), liability insurance, and uninsured motorist coverage, which protects the carrier who is in an accident with a driver who does not have car insurance. Being prepared in these ways can save people from stress and difficulty in the unfortunate case of an accident.

Unfortunately, many drivers in Florida are confused – understandably – by PIPs and no-fault insurance. Regardless of fault, in a car accident, each driver’s PIP plan pays a percentage of his or her medical expenses related to the accident. After a deductible is met, the policy pays 80% up to the policy’s benefit ceiling (usually $10,000 per individual). The injured passenger is paid for by the driver’s policy, with no applied deductible, and the driver’s policy pays a $5,000 death benefit per fatality. While some PIP plans will pay 60% of wages lost, a PIP plan does not compensate for property loss. Because of this, the Florida no-fault law additionally requires drivers to also have property damage liability (PDL) insurance. A PDL pays for damages to another party’s vehicle in the case of an accident.

This no-fault insurance aw achieves quick payment of medical bills after an accident without the stress of having to wait for insurance companies’ determination of fault. But the issue with this law lies in the fact that medical expenses following a car accident are often far beyond $10,000. If medical costs can often exceed $100,000, making the $10,000 far from enough to compensate for the expenses.

Pursuing Compensation

Florida’s no-fault law does not preclude victims of car accidents from receiving compensation for excess medical costs and for other damages. These claims require, as specified by law, that the victims meet a set legal threshold, such as cases where the victim is permanently injured, scarred, or disfigured. Devastating injuries such as these, or in the worst case, death, can be enough grounds for a victim or a victim’s family to pursue compensation. Such life-altering experiences, causing pain, suffering, and lessened quality of life, deserve just recovery to those harmed.

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